Need to graduate early?

There are some circumstances where students may want to have their award conferred earlier, meaning that they would graduate in absentia in March or October and receive their certificate through the post.


To be eligible you must: 

  • have completed your studies 
  • had your award approved by the exam board, or examined and completed in the case of postgraduate researchers 
  • have cleared any debts 

If you choose to do this, you will not be eligible to attend a ceremony in person.

How to apply

To apply to graduate via an inter-ceremony graduation, you need to complete an application form, which will be available on this page later in the year.

If your application is successful, your certificate and diploma supplement will be posted out after the conferral date, which is 15 October 2024.

Your details

To ensure you receive your certificate in a timely manner, please log in to NottinghamHub with your university username and password, and check the following details are correct:

  • Full name - this will be printed on your certificate. If this is incorrect, you will need to follow these instructions
  • Home address - this is the address we will send your certificate to
  • Home email address - this is where we will send the email instructions and log in for you to download a copy of your certificate

You have until 28 September to update your details for the October ceremony.

Check your name and address are correct


If you have any outstanding debt owing to the university, you will not be able to graduate. Please review the finance tab in NottinghamHub if you are unsure. See our terms and conditions for more details. You have until 28 September to clear any debts. 

Check if you have any outstanding fees

If you have any questions, please submit any enquiry through the Student Enquiry Centre.