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Inter-Ceremony Graduation 

We offer the option to graduate in absentia (without a ceremony) in March or October, referred to as inter-ceremony graduation. If you choose to do this, you won't be able to attend a ceremony in person. If you want to attend a ceremony, you'll have to graduate in the usual way and wait for your certificate.

If you need to receive your certificate early and want to apply for inter-ceremony graduation, you will need to complete the application form below.

You will need to complete this by 20 February for March graduation or 20 September for October graduation. Once you have submitted your form you will receive a notification email advising you that your form has been received.

Your application will then go through a series of checks including verification that you have completed your course and a debt check.

Your details

To ensure you graduate on time and as smoothly as possible, please log in to MyNottingham with your University username and password, and check the following details are correct:

  • Full name – this will be printed on your certificate
  • Home address – this is the address we will send your certificate to

You have time until Monday 8th March 2021 at 5pm to update your address in MyNottingham.

Name changes

If you wish to change your name on your official student record as currently recorded on MyNottingham please follow these instructions; the deadline for name change requests is Monday 8th March 2021 at 5pm.


If you have any outstanding debt to the University higher than £50, you will be ineligible to graduate. Please review the finance tab in MyNottingham to check if you have any outstanding fees. If you have not paid any outstanding fees by Saturday 20 February 2021, you will not graduate this Spring.

After the deadline and before the official conferral date, you will receive an email advising you if you are eligible for inter-ceremony graduation or not. Providing you are eligible, your certificate will be posted out after the official conferral date which is either 15 March or 15 October.

Please note that the form only supports English characters.

For any queries please contact graduation@nottingham.ac.uk