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Former students of the University may at times require verification of their study, replacement certificates or transcripts or information relating to their studies. Relevant documents can be requested online through the Student Documents and Letters section of the Online Store.

If you graduated in 1987 or before, we may only be able to verify study details (title, level, date of graduation and final qualification) or produce a duplicate certificate.


If you graduated in 1987 or before, we will only confirm the title and level of your final qualification and the date of your graduation. If you graduated in or after 1988, we can provide a transcript of the marks you obtained while you were at University. Please request your document by selecting the relevant transcript in the Student Documents and Letters section of the Online Store.

Please note that there may be occasions when we do not have a comprehensive set of marks for each stage of your course, especially if you graduated from the University prior to 2001. If we are unable to produce a full transcript for you, we will confirm your degree title, degree class and the date that you were officially awarded a degree and give you a full refund.

If you are a former International Mobility Student (Study Abroad, Universitas 21, International Exchange or Socrates Erasmus) you should order your transcript from the International Office.

Once you have graduated from the University of Nottingham, you may be required to provide evidence of your degree. We can produce a degree confirmation letter that will prove that you have studied here and verify your degree result. To request this document select Confirmation of Degree Letter in the Online Store
You can apply for a duplicate certificate and/or diploma supplement. Please visit the Online Store and select the relevant option from the Student Documents and Letters section.
The student's name on the degree certificate should match the student's official record as held by the University. This is the definitive record of the student and their achievement. This information is used for the production of graduation proceedings and degree certificates and names are not normally changed after Graduation unless a spelling or administrative error has been made.

However, the University is aware of its responsibilities under the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and Equality Act 2010. In circumstances where an individual has corrected their name as a result of gender reassignment, and the individual asks the University to reissue a degree certificate showing this name, this request will be granted upon production of proof of name.

Individuals will also be asked how they want their official University record to be reflected for the future and the record will be updated accordingly. Individuals will be required to return their original degree certificate before a new degree certificate will be issued. Changes of name on a degree certificate post-graduation in other circumstances will not be permitted.

Contact the Student Service Centre team to request a change of name.

All requests to verify information regarding leavers and graduates are now processed through Higher Education Degree Datacheck. Verification requests should be submitted at
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