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Module choice and enrolment

Information on the module choice and enrolment period is available on our website. If your question isn’t answered there, please search the below FAQs.


The form checks to ensure you are complying with certain rules so please check the instructions at the bottom of the form as to what the problem is. It might be that your credits do not total 120/180; or that your credits are not equally split between semesters; or you have not selected the correct number of credits from a list.

Please remember:

  • Unless you have free choice, you will only see modules you are eligible to take as part of your programme.  If a module you were expecting to see does not appear for you to choose, firstly check on the module catalogue to see if you should be able to do that module as part of your programme.  If you should be able to, then please ask our team on Live Chat (open 10 am to 4 pm throughout the module enrolment window by clicking the live chat icon on this page) to check for you.  If the module does not appear on the catalogue as one of your options, then please select another module as you are not eligible.  If you have free choice, please consult the catalogue (link) to find the codes of the modules you are interested in.
  • You will only be able to submit the form if you have made a valid selection.  For most full time undergraduates that means you must select a total of 120 credits, for full time postgraduates that means that you must select a total of 180 credits.
  • You will also need to ensure that the credit split between the semesters is balanced.  Most students take 60 credits in each semester and you won’t be able to submit the form with fewer than 50 or more than 70 credits in a single semester.
  • You also must ensure that your choices meet the requirements for restricted optional modules (for example with the minimum number of credits you must take from each group of modules).

If you believe that you have completed the form correctly but are still unable to submit it or if you experience technical difficulties, please ask our team on Live Chat (open between 10-4pm throughout the module enrolment window by clicking the live chat icon on the Module Enrolment page) to check the reasons for this.  We can provide you access to an alternative form, also available via the Module Enrolment page if module selection in NottinghamHub does not work for you.


First of all, please check that you have entered your University username (e.g ttxaaf) and password correctly.

Please see further advice and guidance for using NottinghamHub

Please ask our team on Live Chat (open between 10-4pm week days throughout the module enrolment window by clicking the live chat icon via the Module Enrolment page) to check the reasons for this. 

We can provide you access to an alternative module enrolment form accessed via the Module Enrolment page if you cannot access NottinghamHub.


A module which is described as either compulsory or core is a module which must be taken by all the students on that programme of study.

Your compulsory modules will be selected for you on the online form and you will not be able to amend these.


A restricted optional choice is when there is some choice in the modules but this is from a limited, prescribed list of modules. 

This could be an ‘alternative’ list (e.g. choose one 20 credit module from list A or from list B) or a ‘restricted’ list (e.g. select two 10 credit modules from this list).



Some students will be able to select modules which are free choice; this means you are able to select any module from the catalogue provided you meet any prerequisites. 

This module selection must still be agreed by both the offering School and the home School or Department to ensure it is appropriate for you and your programme of study.


You will make your choices using the MyNottingham desktop application (which is a core part of our student record system).  We’ve designed the online form to be intuitive and easy to use but we strongly suggest you watch this short video which explains what you will need to do.

We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer running Internet Explorer.  If you do not have this browser on your personal device then it is available on all University PCs.

We recommend that you don’t use a smart phone or tablet device to complete the form as some components may not display correctly.

If you are a new student, please make sure you are logging onto MyNottingham with your student username and not your application username as these are different and you will not be able to access Online Module Enrolment with applicant details.


If you are continuing with a language you have previously studied with the Language Centre, the process is the same as choosing other modules. If you are taking a language module for the first time, we will need to confirm your language level before your enrolment on the module can be confirmed.

The Language Centre Information Hub provides guidance on how to do this: Module: _Language Centre Information Hub (UK) (22-23) (

Further Language Centre information related to Module enrolment is available here.


Programmes are made up of modules.  Each module is a self-contained, formally-structured unit of study, with a coherent and explicit set of learning outcomes and assessment criteria. 

Each module has a credit value and typically undergraduate students study modules with a combined total of 120 credits per academic year.  Postgraduate students study modules up to a total of 180 credits.


The best source of information and guidance is via the Module Choice homepage where you can access further information from your home School or Department.  Most Schools produce specific guidance for students on module choice.  




Online module enrolment will take place from: 

11:30am on Tuesday 3 May to 4:30pm on Friday 13 May 2022 for ALL students

Further details are available via the Module Choice webpage.



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