The 2024/25 pre-module enrolment period has now closed.

If you have not chosen your optional modules you will have the opportunity to do so at the beginning of semester 1, September 2024.

How to choose your modules

1) Learn about your modules

Information about how to choose your optional modules

Complete online module enrolment

2) Complete module enrolment

Log into NottinghamHub to submit or change your module choices

Find out how to get help

3) Get help if you need it

Further guidance to help you make your choices



This video shows you how to complete module enrolment




Module enrolment is the process by which students select and register for specific optional modules available in the upcoming (pre-enrolment) or current academic year.  It allows students to tailor their academic experience by choosing optional modules that align with their interests, regulations, and future careers.    

This table attempts to explain the importance, and advantages, of engaging with module enrolment in a timely and appropriate manner when prompted.

Module enrolment timeline