Spring semester module change of mind period has closed.

The 2024/25 pre-module enrolment period will be open from 12noon on Monday 29 April to 5pm on Friday 10 May.

Exceptional changes to modules may be made after the module change of mind period has closed under certain conditions.

I can't log into NottinghamHub

  • Please check that you have entered your university username (e.g ttxaaf) and password. You can view our online guidance for using NottinghamHub if you're struggling with using the system.
  • Talk to our team on live chat when module enrolment is open, (10am-4pm, Monday - Friday) so we can investigate further for you.
  • If you're still struggling to use NottinghamHub, you can use the relevant online form (now closed), but it's best to complete your choices in NottinghamHub if possible. 



Difficulty submitting online

If you are unable to submit your completed NottinghamHub form because the 'submit' box is greyed out:

  1. double check you have selected the correct number of credits 
  2. check you haven't chosen a module that you aren't eligible to take 

If this doesn't fix the issue, please talk to our team on live chat, and we'll provide you with an online form (now closed) to add your submissions to. 

Submissions made on the relevant online form (now closed) are all checked manually by our team, so we recommend using NottinghamHub where possible. 



My choices have not been approved


The range of optional choices across our curriculum sometimes means that there are timetabling clashes with other modules, you can check your student timetable to see if this is the case for you. If you have a clash you may need to select another module.  

Module requirements

Some modules have prerequisites that you must meet before you can take them, we review everyones choices to make sure they comply with the programme and module regulations, and if you don't meet the requirements you may be asked to choose another module. 

At capacity

The module you've selected may be full. If a module is capped the number of places available will be visible when you make your choice (e.g., 2 places left). We will use any information you give us about your alternative choices to allocate you to another module.


Exceptional changes

Exceptional module amendments 

An exceptional amendment to your modules can be submitted after the end of the module selection period for the following reasons:

  1. Where a timetable issue means the original selection is now not possible
  2. Where the original choices have been deemed to not meet the programme regulations
  3. Where a student does not have a full complement of modules (here we will add missing credits only)
  4. Where an amendment is supported by a Senior Tutor/DLO because there would be a wellbeing concern if the change was not allowed.

Items 1, 2, or 3 can be authorised by any appropriate colleague within your School. Item 4 requires the approval of the School Senior Tutor or DLO.

Amendments for other reasons will not be allowed unless a case is made by the School Director of Teaching. If you feel your reason for change fits with one of these criteria, then you can complete the Exceptional Amendment form on the taught module enrolment and registering for additional credit webpage 

Submitting a request is no guarantee that your module choices will be accepted. Please continue with your current modules until you receive a notification from us. 

Exceptional amendment form



Please use the student enquiry system for extra FAQs and to ask for more support.