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Module choice and enrolment

Information on the module choice and enrolment period is available on our website. If your question isn’t answered there, please search the below FAQs.


You will not receive any further information unless there are any queries or issues with your selection.  

However,  you can log into MyNottingham and view your choices in Course enrolments and the modules will appear in your timetable.

Please note that your timetable may take a few days to update after any changes. 


This is only permitted if it is clearly stated in your programme of study that this is something the course director will consider. In this instance we ask that you make a full selection from the restricted choices listed on your form.

You can then use the Add/Edit at the bottom of the form to state what alternative module from another School you would like to do and we will request for you. In the Add/Edit box please state which module will be the one you substitute if the alternative module is agreed to.  However this is exceptional, therefore please ensure you have made a full alternative selection.


If you are transferring between programmes then please complete the form with your selection as best you can.  Some compulsory modules may be incorrect and the restricted lists available to you may not detail all of the modules that will be available to you. 

Please use the Add/Edit section to clearly state that you are transferring and what amendments need to be made to the selection on the form.


If you need academic guidance about your module choices please contact your School or Department.

If you have questions about using the module enrolment form, please ask our team on Live Chat via the Module Choice webpage which is available from 22 to 28 September and 30 September to 13 October 2021.


You will make your choices using the MyNottingham desktop application (which is a core part of our student record system).  We’ve designed the online form to be intuitive and easy to use but we strongly suggest you watch this short video which explains what you will need to do.

We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer running Internet Explorer.  If you do not have this browser on your personal device then it is available on all University PCs.

We recommend that you don’t use a smart phone or tablet device to complete the form as some components may not display correctly.


The Master timetable is now available and you can check the times of lectures, however, your individual timetable will be available as follows:

New students who do not have optional modules should see their individual timetable from 27 September

New students who can choose optional modules will start seeing their timetable after 1 October.  However, if you make further optional changes to your modules this may take a few days to update to your timetable.

Returning students will be able to see their individual timetable immediately unless they make changes to their modules, in which case it will update in a few days.

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