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Information on the University Card Reader project is available via the FAQ's below, further information about your University card is available on our website.


We are carrying out a small pilot where students will be asked to use cards to register their attendance in addition to signing registers.

It has been a long-established process that attendance is taken at certain teaching sessions.

This pilot is not changing the data we collect, it is simply changing the way in which it is collected.


We have a limited number of card scanners to use in the pilot so we have limited the pilot to students in three areas only.


This is purely a pilot at this stage.  There has been no decision made on its future use.

We will be asking for feedback from staff and students at the end of the pilot and we will compare it to their experience in using manual processes elsewhere.


We will be using it during the autumn semester 2018. 

We will then evaluate this and make a decision on whether to do something on a similar scale for the spring semester.

Information on attendance is laid down in the University Quality manual.  This requirement remains unchanged by this pilot.
No,  The pilot will only be used in certain sessions and you will be told which they are by your School.

We do not take attendance at all sessions. 

Each School decides what sessions they will use and these vary depending on the number of differing criteria, e.g. professional requirments of the course, health and safety regulations, visa regulations, etc.

Not in most sessions.  The only area where there will be a requirement to sign out is in the Chemistry laboratories, and this is due to the health and safety requirments of the area.
In the Chemistry labs, it is a health and safety requirment to know exactly who is in the lab at any one time, which is why the six scanners we will use in this area will be set up differently and will have a sign-out function as well as a sign-in function.

Staff will remind students to sign in. If you think you have forgotten to sign in for a session, you can inform your module lecturer at the next session. Only students in the Chemistry labs will need to sign out and staff will remind them of the need to do this too.

Please note that in labs, it is imperative that students sign in and out each time for safety reasons and so if you forget, you must take corrective action and sign in immediately.

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