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Whenever possible, please direct your queries by email and make payments online. Only visit the Security Office in person if it is necessary.

 The University Card is a multi-function state of the art card that can be issued to all students, staff and associates. This card is specific to the University of Nottingham and contains a combination of Mifare proximity chip, magstripe and barcode technologies. The student, staff and associate cards vary in layout slightly, but both contain key information that is utilised by a number of systems around the University, such as:

Cardholder's name, photograph, group type (i.e. student, staff or associate), library category, library card number and student number/start date (for students) or issue date (for staff). Additionally, the student card has the Students' Union logo. The functions of the University Card are as follows:

  • Means of identification
  • Library card
  • Building access card
  • Bus card (on NCT services)
  • Sports Centre card

 Other uses:

  • Online library borrowing
  • Photocopying authorisation

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for information on Key Cards and Associate Cards.

Collection of Cards

You must have uploaded a photograph at least five working days before contacting your Student Service Centre to arrange collection.

Please do not contact your Student Service Centre for collection if you have not uploaded a photograph.

If you have not uploaded a photograph, please visit

If you are having any issues with this, please contact the team on

Student Service Centres are open for walk-in customers. Please ensure that you wear your face covering while you are in the Student Service Centre, unless you are exempt, and that you maintain social distancing. Only one person will be allowed to attend an appointment at any time.

Replacement University Cards

Information on the process can be found on this page.

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Use of the University Card implies acceptance of the terms and conditions.

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