Meet the people that will teach you first, and welcome you to Computer Science in Nottingham 

Welcome Week Leaders 

Max L. Wilson 
Director of Student Experience 
Year 1 Coordinator 

Colin Johnson 
PGT Coordinator 

Ying He
PGR Coordinator

Mary Temenou 
Education and Student Experience Senior Administrator 

First Year First Semester Undergraduate Lecturers 

Jamie Twycross 
Teaches: Programming and Algorithms 
International Year Coordinator 

Steve Bagley 
Teaches: Systems and Architecture 
Teaches: Computer Fundamentals 
Year in Industry Coordinator 

Tim Muller 
Teaches: Mathematics for Computer Scientists 

Other key contacts and members of staff 

You should refer to the Moodle Community Page for more key contacts, a link to our staff directory, and how to get in contact with the school office.  

Personal tutors 

All students will be assigned a personal tutor upon arrival, who is the first point of contact for academic advice and questions (queries about where to find information or to submit forms should be directed to student services, and questions about our building should be directed to the school office). First year undergraduates will meet weekly with their personal tutor, as a small group of tutees. All students can contact their personal tutor for a one-on-one meeting, or just by email, to ask questions. 

Faculty of Science

Computer Science

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