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Prepare to join our school

Meet your fellow students

Postgraduate (PhD and MSc students) – Meet fellow new starters and existing MSc students who started in September. Get to know each other before you arrive. This is a place for informal chat to get to know each other and learn about your course.  

Meet fellow new starters and get to know each other before you arrive. A place for informal chat and to meet some of the staff.

Postgraduate Discord server

These servers are student led and should not be used as a place to communicate with staff formally. All members of the Computer Science servers need to follow university code of discipline. Anyone found to go against this code will be removed from the server.  

Tech specs

We are often asked if we can recommend a laptop or equipment for new starters. As a school we aim to supply you with all the computer you need to complete your degree both physically and remotely. However, due to COVID-19 it may not always be possible for you to access these machines. The most important thing when choosing a machine is making sure it is something you are comfortable using, all our other tips here are optional: 

  • Operating system is your choice

  • Find a laptop you feel comfortable spending time in front of and feel comfortable using the keyboard, we recommend at least a 13” screen

  • Have a webcam and microphone to make video calls 

  • For memory, we recommend 8GB of RAM and for storage we recommend SSD with a minimum of about 256GB and the ability to back up your work

Things you might want a computer for include taking notes in seminars and meetings, working in the university during gaps in the timetable, and working at home. Some students prefer to use their laptop to access university resources remotely (see the spec above), while others like to install everything on their own laptop and customise it as they get more experience, which means you might want to err on higher specs (more RAM, larger SSD, etc). Computer scientists spend a lot of time using computers, so you may optionally wish to buy an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse/trackpad for your laptop to avoid long-term injury from poor posture.

The campus 

Take a virtual tour of the beautiful Jubilee Campus before you arrive.

Take a tour of Jubilee Campus