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Your Foundation Arts staff

Meet the team and find out what some of our current students have to say.

Getting to know us, so we can get to know you

Coming to university will be a big adjustment and right now, you might be feeling a little unsure. But as they say, the only constant in life is change. 

You probably already know that when you come to university, you’ll be learning in a different way and shall be given more responsibility when it comes to managing your own work. But this also gives you more flexibility and more freedom, you’ll have the opportunity to follow your interests and explore subjects in ways not possible at school. You’ll grow not just academically, but as a person.  

Trust us, this is where it all starts – it’s going to be exciting. 

But don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Foundation classes at Nottingham are deliberately kept small. We want to get to know all our students so we can keep an eye out for you. We’re your first port of call for any problems or worries you may have. We want you to succeed and to be able to move on from the foundation year ready to thrive during your degree. 

Who are we?

Peter Watts

"I really enjoy meeting our new students each September. It's always great on graduation days to see how much our students have gone on to achieve in between - however unsure they might have been at the start!". 


Sasha Garwood

“Getting to know our amazing students is absolutely a highlight of my job. People come to foundation from all sorts of places and with loads of different experiences, and it’s always fun and interesting learning about everyone.”

Sasha Garwood headshot


Doug Ingram

“Our main goal in Foundation Arts is to see students reach their full potential when they move on to their degree. As a team, we offer students lots of support ourselves and also direct them to the extensive range of services the university provides when this is useful.”  

Doug Ingram smiling covered in snow


Adina Covaci

“I love the rich discussions that we have in Foundation Arts: I always leave the classroom energised not only because I get to teach such wonderful students but also because I learn so much from them!” 

Adina Covaci holding a cat


What do the students say?

We've got amazing lecturers on the foundation course. They deliver our lectures, hold our seminars and are our personal tutors too. It's nice because we get to know them really well, they're very approachable.

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Liberal Arts with Foundation Year BA

Peter and Doug were my lecturers during the foundation year and they are genuinely lovely, lovely guys. They were so kind and helpful. Whenever I had a problem, any time of the day, I could email them or come to their office and they would chat to me.

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American Studies and History with Foundation Year BA

The foundation staff were amazing, they really stand out as they're the ones who take you under their wing and help you grow so much. They were definitely part of the reason why I've gotten this far, they really helped build me up academically.

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Theology and Religious Studies with Foundation Year BA

Open Day June 2022