PhD student using the Inclinable rig, L3 building

Faculty Alumni Scholarship for Black Students in STEM

The Faculty Alumni Scholarship for Black Students is intended to help increase Higher Education participation rates in STEM subjects in the UK.

Five scholarships will be awarded from October 2024 with a further five per academic year until October 2028. Preference will be given to students on 4-year courses.

Disbursements to the qualifying students will be in 3 equal payments (one per term) for four years.

If not enough students meet the criteria outlined below, we will roll over the award to the following year or offer the award to students on a three-year course.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must:

  • Be enrolling for the first year of a full-time** undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Engineering or the Faculty of Science, at the University of Nottingham (UK Campus), this being your year of entry to the university.
  • Have applied for either the Faculty of Engineering Alumni Scholarship or the Faculty of Science Alumni Scholarship.
  • Not have studied for an undergraduate degree before starting at Nottingham.
  • Have Home* funding status (see definition below)
  • Not be receiving external sponsorship for your course e.g., from industry/employers (University Core bursaries and Government grants do not affect your eligibility)
  • Have had a household income of between £0 - £42,875, as assessed by Student Finance.


Identify as being from a Black background; applicants must have one of the following ethnicities***: 

  • Black African
  • Black Caribbean
  • Black Other
  • Mixed – White and Black Caribbean
  • Mixed – White and Black African
  • Other mixed background (to include Black African, Black Caribbean or Black Other) 

*A 'home' student is one who meets certain UK residence criteria, these are the same criteria as apply to eligibility for home funding from Student Finance.

**Otherwise, eligible part-time students who are unable to study full-time because of a disability should contact the Funding and Financial Support team to discuss their funding options.

***As supplied by you in your application to study at the University of Nottingham.

Note: All references to household income refer to the figure calculated by Student Finance when a student applied to them for means-tested funding. We are unable to accept any other proof of income.

Application process

There is no separate application form for the Faculty Alumni Scholarship for Black Students in STEM.

All applicants who have submitted an application to the Faculty of Engineering Alumni Scholarship or Faculty of Science Alumni Scholarship and meet the basic criteria above will be assessed based on their supporting statement for this competitive award.

Successful applications

The successful applicants will be contacted via email by the end of July 2024. If successful you will receive a provisional notice of an award.

The full award and payments will depend on still meeting the eligibility criteria when you register for your degree at the start of your first academic year and subsequent years. 

If you are successful in receiving a Faculty Alumni Scholarship for Black Students in STEM Award you will not be eligible for the Nottingham Potential Bursary.