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Sports and societies at the University of Nottingham

Part of university life includes meeting likeminded individuals to partake in hobbies, events and sport - students do this by joining a society. At the University of Nottingham, we have over 300 societies as part of our Student Union. Find out more about what the university has to offer.

Finding your tribe and connecting with like-minded

If you’re searching for like-minded individuals or want to learn about fellow students from different walks of life to understand their university experiences, we have a range of social networks you can be part of.

University sports clubs

Whether you want to keep fit, make new friends, or try something new, there are over 70 clubs you can join, from popular to ‘don’t know what it is but it looks cool’ sports. 

University societies and clubs

What are societies? Societies are mainly about socialising with like-minded people, while others are about, for example, playing certain sports, taking part in activities, sharing hobbies or helping the wider community.

Societies and clubs in a snapshot

Nottingham’s Student Union is home to more than 300 societies and over 70 sports clubs, there’s something for everyone.

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