Undergraduate students being photographed for the Chemistry Society. November 26th 2021.From left to right: Kieran Stables (British), Matt Mitham (British), Hitesh Anand, (British) and  Thomas Ball (British}.

Societies at the University of Nottingham 

What are societies? Societies are mainly about socialising with like-minded people, while others are about, for example, playing certain sports, taking part in activities, sharing hobbies or helping the wider community.

Societies at the University of Nottingham vlog

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What are societies?

One of the best things about the University of Nottingham is the groups, activities, and causes you can join. Some say it’s the best part of being a fresher here. 

With over 200 societies, over 70 sports clubs, student Networks and student-run services, there’s something for everyone at the University of Nottingham. The fastest way to socialise, meet people who share similar interests, pursue your hobbies, find new ones, and simply explore what’s out there. 

Also, a great way to make you feel at home here. With almost 50 international and cultural societies, our student-run groups provide that feeling of belonging for international students from all over the world.