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We recognise the potential of international students from a variety of educational backgrounds.

The University of Nottingham is committed to social mobility and internationalisation, building a diverse global community where all of our students can thrive.

In order to recognise the differences that international students may face when studying overseas, and help to overcome any obstacles that our international applicants may experience, we are able to offer additional support to allow these students to reach their potential and thrive at our world-class university.

In line with the Admissions Policy, we use exam grades to prioritise applicants, but other things count as well.

  • We look at a range of other factors and aim to give everyone an equal opportunity to show their achievements
  • We treat everyone on an individual basis
  • Admissions staff for a course may make one standard offer to all applicants or they may vary the offer – this means that some applicants may be made a higher offer and some may be made a lower offer for the same course, depending on their achievements.


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