UNISON - University of Nottingham Branch


Non-member FAQs

Which staff groups does UNISON represent?
UNISON represents all staff in the O&F job family, all APM staff in grades 1-3, and Hall Managers. 
Why should I join UNISON?
As a union recognised by the University, we participate in collective bargaining; we will contact our members for their views on negotiation. We are here to help with any queries and problems you have  at work. In addition, there are many more benefits which UNISON members can access. Your membership of UNISON remains confidential, any questions which are asked on your behalf are made anonymously, you will not be identified in any way. 
How much does it cost to be a member?

Member subscriptions vary accordinging to salary. Details of cost can be found here.

Payment can be taken directly from payroll or you can set up a direct debit.

Are UNISON subscriptions taken before or after tax, when taken via payroll?
When subs are taken via payroll, they are taken pre tax. 
Do subscriptions have to be paid by payroll?
No, subscriptions can be paid by direct debit. 


Member FAQs

I have a workplace issue what should I do?
Contact a steward who will talk to you about your case and arrange appropriate support.
My salary has increased / reduced due to a change in hours/grade, will my UNISON subscription change automatically?
If you pay your 'subs' via payroll the amount will be changed accordingly. If you pay your 'subs' via direct debit you must notify UNISON of this change. 


General FAQs

How do I get in touch with committee members?
You can contact committee members by email, details on this page.



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