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Lifelong Learning and education

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Education is at the heart of all UNISON's work. It helps members and branch officers to realise their own potential and provides opportunities to become more involved in UNISON generally. You can build your self-confidence and develop practical skills to use in the union and everyday life.

For more details contact your Unison Lifelong Learning Representative.

Now is your chance to flourish. What’s stopping you?
Learning a new skill or gaining a new qualification could be a step in the right direction towards moving up the career ladder at work, earning more money, finding a job, or just simply improving your confidence and self-esteem.
Learning a new skill can be easier than you think. There are a vast range of flexible courses available, to fit in around commitments at work and home. Everyone has the ability to learn new things.

From academic qualifications to vocational courses, full or part time study, on the job training to going back to college, these days you can study in a way that suits you best. There’s never been a better time to get better skills – you just need to work out what you want and then go for it.

Skills for life
If you're not comfortable with your level of maths, reading or, writing skills, there is plenty of free help and support available in your local area. Improving these skills can help you increase your salary, get another job, help your child with homework, fill in forms and countless other benefits.

You'll be able to learn in your local area, and in a way that suits your lifestyle - part time, full time, during the day or evening. You’ll learn with other adults who will be at the same level as you.

UNISON and the Open University – Working in Partnership
UNISON has shown over recent years that we are committed to the learning needs of all our members. It doesn’t matter what level you are at, whether it’s literacy, confidence skills or Higher Education.

UNISON and the OU have worked together for a long time, recently, UNISON's General Secretary signed an agreement with the OU to cement this relationship.

As a result a new website has been launched at: http://www.open.ac.uk/choose/unison/ which: 

  • Gives clear access to the OU materials and tasters 
  • Outlines the financial support available for students by the OU 
  • Shows where UNISON members can get discounts and bursaries 
  • Provides a clear pathway to Higher Education learning

So, if you are interested in Higher Education this is a great place to start.

In addition to these courses look out for UNISON/OU short courses which are held across the region to support different groups of staff.


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