Innovate UK Funding

Innovate UK Funding

We’re committed to developing research programmes that have the power to transform industry, boost productivity and improve people’s lives. And we’re always looking to help businesses fund projects that share this commitment. 

Our team can help develop projects that bring together researchers and companies to produce innovations that meet the challenges in the Government’s Industrial Strategy.


What is Innovate UK? 

Innovate UK is the government's innovation agency. It drives productivity and growth by de-risking innovation and enabling businesses to grow through the development and commercialisation of new products, processes, and services.

Innovate UK runs regular funding competitions designed to help businesses accelerate innovation. Funding is available for projects aligned with the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Strategy and subdomains within them:

  • Net Zero
  • Healthy Living and Agriculture
  • Digital and Technologies

Visit Innovate UK’s website for the current funding opportunities

Innovate UK Funding

Businesses can apply for grant funding from Innovate UK to develop and deliver projects worth between £25,000 and £10 million. The funding is available to any UK registered business to develop innovative products, processes, and services, which can be exploited in and/or from the UK. 

Contact our team

The university has a great track record in supporting successful and innovative companies. Since 2004, the university has collaborated with over 290 businesses and helped them to secure Innovate UK funding of over £280 million for their R&D projects.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how the university can support you to develop your innovations through Innovate UK funding – contact our CR&D team:


Or contact us by phone directly:

Dr Kangala Chipasa, CR&D Manager
07840 107122

Dr Melissa Simpson, CR&D Officer
07931 992789




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