This is the place where UK-based food and drink manufacturers and world-class research come together to solve real-world challenges. 


Taking a Food Systems approach our capabilities align to solving the pressing need to support a healthy planet and healthy people, through the creation of sustainable and resilient food systems, impacting on environmental, economic, and societal challenges, providing food for better nutrition and health of a global population.

We use our pioneering approach and transdisciplinary collaboration to find sustainable solutions to the global food challenges brought about by climatic and socio-political stresses. On a scientific, geographical and political level, we’re ideally placed to undertake high-calibre research, from seed to digestion.

Collaboration with the university can open a world of possibility for your business; from tackling food waste to innovative plant-based pies or creating the perfect crisp, we work with businesses to find solutions to their needs. 


Our key research capabilities

Together with our campuses in China and Malaysia, we offer one of the largest groups of plant, crop, nutrition, animal, consumer, and food science experts in the UK.

Here are just some of the services we provide to businesses:

Primary production
Including regenerative agriculture approaches, plant genotyping and phenotyping, development of under-utilised crops for the changing national and international climatic conditions, cellular agriculture, low carbon livestock systems.
New ingredients and product development
Including new sources of protein and their incorporation into healthy and palatable food products, waste stream valorisation.
Advanced manurfacturing

Including sustainable and resilient food processing, additive manufacturing, adaptive and autonomous processing, low energy, and water usage through process re-design.

Consumer behaviour, nutritional health, and clinical applications

Including consumer and sensory studies ‘in the wild’, marketing and psychology, human and animal nutrition trails and in-vitro nutritional analyses, advanced imaging for understanding the gut-brain axis.


Ready to start the conversation?

If you have an innovative idea you want to develop, our experts at the Food Systems Institute and the Food Innovation Centre can help you turn your idea into reality.  

Contact Dr Mita Lad, Business Partnerships Manager