Food Innovation Centre


Incorporated in October 2021, Jampa’s is a highly innovative plant-based food company. With the ethos of ‘alchemy not chemistry’ the company have a strong moral drive to study, learn and create 100% plant-based products which are equally 100% organoleptically uncompromising.   

With a growing portfolio of, and in some cases award winning plant-based products, Jampa’s have a clear concept to launch business plan. The company required initial scientific support in the textural optimisation of one of their plant-based products. Encompassing knowledge gain, direct contacts with relevant specialist ingredient manufacturers, practical experimentation and on-going development support, the collaboration is now further extending to support on-going product excellence across the Jampa’s product portfolio


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It has been a pleasure to work with Annie Blissett, Richard Worrall and the Food Innovation Team at the University of Nottingham. Thank you for your brilliant work, we definitely got a result and we look forward to continuing to work together to help drive Jampa’s R&D process, developing plant-based product excellence

Richard Fox - Founder and Director, Jampa's ( 

Project brief

  •       Review and disseminate the current scientific research and understandings with regards to textural optimisation in plant-based foods.

  • Liaise with key ingredients specialists to provide innovative, commercialised solutions specific to Jampa’s individual food application requirements.
  • Working in partnership with Jampa’s to develop test recipes to trial ingredient functionality and process modifications within their plant-based food system.

The response

  • A comprehensive research review was undertaken and disseminated to Jampa’s to bolster the company’s understanding of their specific food system and the key ingredients that may provide effective functionality in textural optimisation.

  • Jampa’s were introduced to direct contacts at key ingredient suppliers working within the plant-based space, providing invaluable guidance as to compatible ingredient selection, availability, and process integration.

  • A development day was held in the Food Processing Facility at the University of Nottingham, trialling the impact of specific key ingredients and processing modifications on the Jampa’s product. Following which, product texture optimisation was achieved via a set of further development trials and joint tastings.  
  • The Food Innovation Team continue to support Jampa’s as they advance towards product excellence across their portfolio. 

Benefit to the business

Following a synergistic transfer of knowledge from the Jampa’s production process to the scientific understandings offered by the Food Innovation Centre and invaluable input from specialised ingredient manufacturers, this project has supported Jampa’s on their journey to delivering product excellence within the plant-based product category.

In addition to aiding the textural optimisation of the Jampa’s product, simultaneous process modifications helped to simplify the ultimate manufacturing process and aid production efficiency.

Finally, the project has rapidly expanded the companies knowledge of the fundamental interactions occurring within their food product systems and the associated impact of incorporating key ingredient types and processing methods on them. Ultimately, allowing the company to utilise ingredients and process methodology as tools to enhance their product excellence.   

For details about who to contact for queries regarding the Food Innovation Centre, please visit our contact us page.