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The new language of business  


The new language of business


Executive Education for a new world


We operate in challenging times. The global business landscape is being reshaped and rebuilt. The combined forces of economic turbulence, emerging markets, a need for sustainable and responsible enterprise, and the advent of powerful new technologies, are not only changing the rules - they’re changing the very language of business.

Ranked as one of the leading business schools in the world for innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity – and with a global footprint in the UK, Malaysia and China, Nottingham University Business School is at the vanguard of new business practice in the new economy.

Founded on this reputation, Executive Education programmes at Nottingham will equip you and your people to communicate more effectively, act more decisively and seize the opportunities presented in this ever-changing world.


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  The New Language of Leadership  



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Custom programmes

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Custom programmes

Develop your strategic vision and align your people to your specific organisational objectives, capitalising on the School’s experience, cutting-edge thinking and renowned multidisciplinary approach. Custom programmes deliver real and meaningful outcomes for individuals and organisations.

Thought leadership

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Thought leadership

Discover the very latest views and breakthrough thinking from Nottingham University Business School.


Why Nottingham

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Why Nottingham

Find out why the Nottingham University Business School is in a unique position to challenge, inform and inspire.






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