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Professor David Paton

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BSc (London), MA (Warwick), PhD (London)
Professor of Industrial Economics

Division: Industrial Economics and Finance
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8466601
Location: C31 (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

David Paton is Professor of Industrial Economics and Head of the Industrial Economics and Finance Division in the School. He completed his PhD at University College London in 1997 and has published widely in journals such as Economic Journal, Economica, Journal of Health Economics, Public Choice, Social Science & Medicine, Small Business Economics and the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation. His research interests include the economics of gambling, teenage pregnancy and cricket. He has acted as an adviser to several Government departments including HM Revenue and Customs, DCMS and the DTI.

Research Interests
Economics of gambling markets; betting; economics of teenage pregnancy; economics of cricket.

Administrative Roles
Division Head (Industrial Economics and Finance)
Load Model Group Chair
I am module convenor of the following modules:


Quantitative Methods 2A

External Exminerships & Validations
2009 - 2013    External Examiner, MSc Economics Programmes, Bath University
Current Research Activities
David's research covers a range of topics, including the taxation gambling, market efficiency in gambling, productivity in service industries, an economic analysis of teenage pregnancy, economics of county cricket and advertising.

International Collaborations, Organisation & Contributions
2011 - 2012    Network of Industrial Economists PhD Colloquia, Organising Committee
2010 - 2010    Invited keynote speech to Linacre Centre for Health Care Ethics Conference on Fertility, Infertility and Gender, Maynooth, Ireland
2007 - 2010    Royal Economic Society Conference Programme Committee
The following lists my publications from 2005 to the present day.

Journal Articles

Desai, M.N.; Lockett, A.; Paton, D.(2015)., "The effects of leader succession and prior leader experience on post-succession organizational performance", Human Resource Management (USA), pp. 1-8, DOI: 10.1002/hrm.21700.

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Paton, D.; Vaughan Williams, L.(2015)., "Forecasting the Outcome of Closed-Door Decisions: evidence from 500 years of betting on papal conclaves", Journal of Forecasting, Vol.34, pp. 391-404, DOI: 10.1002/for.2339.

Sacheti, A.; Gregory Smith, I.; Paton, D.(2015)., "An economic analysis of attendance demand for One Day International cricket", Economic Record, forthcoming 2015.

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Chapters in Books

Paton, D.; Vaughan Williams, L.(2012)., "The Taxation of Gambling Machines: a theoretical perspective", in Vaughan Williams L and D Siegel (ed) The Handbook of the Economics of Gambling, Oxford University Press.

Paton, D.(2011)., "Teenage Pregnancy, STIs and Abstinence Strategies", in Helen Watt (ed) Fertility and Gender: issues in reproductive and sexual ethics, (6), pp. 99-109, Oxford: Anscombe Bioethics Centre.

Paton, D.; Cooke, A.(2011)., "The changing demands on leisure time: the emergence of twenty 20 cricket", in Cameron, S (ed) Handbook of The Economics of Leisure, (18), pp. 602-39, London: Edward Elgar.

Paton, D.; Smith, M.; Vaughan Williams, L.(2005)., "An Assessment of Quasi-Arbitrage Opportunities in Two Fixed Odds Horse Race Betting Markets", in Vaughan Williams, L. (ed) Information Efficiency in Financial and Betting Markets, pp.159-171, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.


Desai, M.N.; Lockett, A.; Paton, D., 2013, "Asymmetric information and the dismissal of newly appointed leaders", at at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Desai, M.N.; Lockett, A.; Paton, D., 2013, "The effects of asymmetric informaton on new leader tenure", at at the Strategic Management Society Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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Paton, D.; Vaughan Williams, L., 2011, "Using a postcode analysis to examine the economic impact of new gambling machines", at International Conference on Gambling Studies, April 2011.

Hasseldine, J.; Mayassin, Z.; Paton, D., 2010, "An Analysis of Tax Non-Compliance of Small & Medium Sized Corporations in Malaysia", at 9th Tax Admin Conference, Sydney 2010.

Discussion Papers

Paton, D.; Vaughan Williams, L., 2007, "Broadcasting Productivity Growth in the UK", Occasional Papers 20, Industrial Economics Division.

Paton, D.; Zavodny, M., 2006, "Teenage Pregnancy Risk: the impact of parental involvement for contraception", Nottingham University Business School Discussion Paper, Nottingham University Business School.

Girma, S.; Paton, D., 2005, "Matching Estimates of the Impact of Over-the-Counter Emergency Birth Control on Teenage Pregnancy", Nottingham University Business School Discussion Paper, Nottingham University Business School.

Kahane, L.; Paton, D.; Simmons, R., 2005, "The Abortion-Crime Link: Evidence from England and Wales", Nottingham University Business School Discussion Paper, Nottingham University Business School.



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