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Industrial Economics

One of the largest and most renowned groups of industrial economists in the UK, we work in many major aspects of industrial, finance and applied economics. 

Industrial Economics covers a range of core topics, including innovation, mergers and acquisitions, regulation and public policy, behavioural and experimental economics and corporate governance and executive renumeration. 

Our research is widely published in major journals and our students benefit from our world-class research expertise, with specialist undergraduate degrees in Industrial Economics, and Industrial Economics with Insurance.


Kevin Amess

The Industrial Economics Department is concerned with the application of economic analysis to understanding firm behaviour, corporate decision-making, and the business environment. Our students use their analytical skills to make valuable contributions to society with their work in government, business, and charities.



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Did you know?

We are the only industrial economics department in the UK. Our bespoke degree enables students to conduct rigorous economic analysis to inform policy and modern business strategy



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