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Dr Kevin Amess

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BSc (Hons) (Swansea), MSc (York), PhD (Nottingham), SFHEA (Higher Education Academy, UK)
Associate Professor in Industrial Economics

Division: Industrial Economics
Centre/Institute: The Global Centre for Banking and Financial Innovation
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8467757
Location: C37 (South Building, Jubilee Campus)

Kevin joined Nottingham University Business School in 2005 and has been an Associate Professor since 2008.

His research is mainly concerned with private equity and leveraged buyouts. His research has contributed to greater understanding of the impact of private equity acquisitions and leveraged buyouts on employees, innovation, and firm performance through publication in a range of economics and management journals. He has reported on and advised governmental agencies and policy officials at the UK Treasury, Financial Services Authority, the US Government Accountability Office and the OECD.

He is currently Co-Editor of the International Journal of the Economics of Business. He is a Fellow of the Centre for Management Buyout Research.

Administrative Roles
Division Head (Industrial Economics)

Leveraged Buyouts and private equity; corporate governance and restructuring.

Kevin is currently supervising the following Research Students:

Changjian Wu
Hend Abdulhadi S Attuwaijri
Hurvashee Persand-Gujadhur Gya
Sahattaya Achtzehn

Older Publications

Older Publications

Journal Articles

Alperovych, Y.; Amess, K.; Wright, M. (2013), "Private Equity Firm Experience and Buyout Vendor Source: What is their Impact on Efficiency?", European Journal of Operational Research, Vol.228 (3), pp. 601-611.

Amess, K.; Wright, M. (2012), "Leveraged Buyouts, Private Equity and Job", Small Business Economics, Vol.38 (1), pp. 419-430, DOI 10.1007/s11187-010-9280-9.

Amess, K.; Demetriades, P. (2010), "Financial Liberalisation and the South Korean Financial Crisis: Some Qualitative Evidence", World Economy, Vol.33 (2), pp.212-238.

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Amess, K. (2001), "Financial Institutions, the Theory of Firm and Organisational Form", Service Industries Journal, Vol.22 (2), pp.129-148.

Amess, K.; Howcroft, B. (2001), "Corporate Governance Structures and the Comparative Advantage of Credit Unions", Corporate Governance: An International Review, Vol.9 (1), pp.59-65.

Reports for external body

Ball, R.; Scholes, L.; Amess, K.; Wright, M.; Burdett, M. 2009, "Industry Sector Report", in Nordic Capital.

Wright, M.; Burrows, A.; Ball, R.; Scholes, L.; Meuleman, M.; Amess, K. 2007, "The Implications of Alternative Investment Vehicles for Corporate Governance", in OECD Publication, Corporate Affairs Division.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Amess, K; Paton, D. 2019, "A New Era for the International Journal of the Economic Business", in International Journal of the Economic of Business, pp. 339..

Wright, M.; Pruthi, S.; Amess, K.; Alperovych, Y. (2019), "Private Equity: Where we have been and the road ahead", Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance, Vol.21 (1), pp. 51-64.

Ratzinger, D. Amess, K. Greenman, A. Mosey, S. (2018), "The impact of digital start-up founders' higher education on reaching equity investment milestones", Journal of Technology Transfer, Vol.43(3), 760-778.

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Wright, M.; Wilson, N.; Gilligan, J.; Bacon, N.; Amess, K. (2016), "Brexit, Private Equity and Management", British Journal of Management, Vol.27(4), 682-686.

Amess, K.; Banerji, S.; Lampousis, A. (2015), "Corporate cash holdings causes and consequences", International Review of Financial Analysis, Vol.42, pp. 421-433.

Amess, K.; Girma, S.; Wright, M. (2014), "The wage and employment consequences of ownership change", Managerial and Decision Economics, Vol.35 (2), pp. 161-171.


Wright, M.; Amess, K., Bacon, N.; Siegel, D. (2019), ed The Routledge Companion to Management Buyouts, forthcoming 2019.

Chapters in Books

Amess, K, (2018), "Leveraged Buyouts: Their Impact on Jobs and Wages", in The Routledge Companion to Management Buyouts, (26), pp. 492-507.


Gya,H.;Barakat,A.;Amess,K.;Chernobai,A. 2019, "How do Banking Analysts behave around Unanticipated News: Evidence from Operational risk Event Announcements?", in British Accounting and Finance Association Annual Conference (BAFA), Birmingham (UK).

Ratzinger, D.; Amess, K.; Greenman, A.; Mosey, S. 2015, "The impact of higher education on the probabilities of reaching equity investment milestones for Internet start-up", in Technology Transfer Annual Conference, Dublin.

Discussion Papers

Gya,H.;Barakat,A.;Amess,K.;Chernobai,A. 2020, "How do Banking Analysts behave around Unanticipated News: Evidence from Operational risk Event Announcements?".



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