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Finance and Accounting

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Module Convenor:  Alyson McLintock

Module Content:
This module provides an introduction to the theory and practice of financial accounting and reporting, management accounting and finance. Both commercial and not-for-profit organisations will be considered.
Financial reporting is the process of presenting financial (and other) information to a range of stakeholders in order to ensure appropriate accountability and stewardship. Students will be encouraged to consider the need for integrityin financial accounting and reporting, and the potential limitations of regulation and standards.
Management accounting is concerned with the preparation and presentation of accounting information to aid managers in their jobs of planning, decision making and control. New and traditional management accounting techniques are analysed in the context of a changing management context with its emphasis on strategy, costing and performance metrics. The content of the module is aimed primarily at managers and not accountants.
The finance section emphasises two of the major financial decisions, the investment decision and the financing decision - where the money comes from and how it is best used within the organisation.

Module Aims:
To develop managers' understanding of (a) the theory and practice of external financial reporting by business organisations including the analysis and limitations of published financial reports, (b) the methods and limitations of costing and budgetary planning, (c) the principal theories of capital value and related investment decision-making.

Module Assessment:
Assignment - company analysis (40%); Assignment - Finance (40%); Assignment - Costing (20%)

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