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Leadership and Change Management

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Module Convenor:  Paul Caulfield

Module Content:
This course is about leadership based on the observation that the leadership needs of organisations vary by the stage of the organisations existence. Leading an entrepreneurial start-up requires different skills from leading a mature organisation. Consequently organisations need to be aware of their progress through the organisation's lifecycle and evolving needs. This course examines the stages of an organisations existence and the associated evolving leadership needs, plus additional situations such as leading in a crisis. The course focuses on identifying leadership needs and the necessary decisions together with the appropriate leadership style. As a secondary theme there will also be a number of sessions focussing on leadership qualities and styles which will encourage participants to reflect on their own development as leaders. A number of models of leadership are considered and different leadership perspectives. Understanding of the concepts is achieved predominantly but not exclusively through the use of case study material.

Module Aims:
The structure of the course will allow coverage of a number of aspects of leadership including the following:
1. Identifying distinctions and providing definitions of leadership
2. The nature of strategy formulation and the distinction with operational effectiveness
3. Leadership style and the relationship with situational factors
4. Critical components of strategic leadership
5. The nature of change management and the requirements of a strategic change programme
6. The paradox of founder-CEO succession in start-up businesses
7. Concepts of authentic leadership from an academics and practitioners perspective
8. Self awareness and narrative as a success factor
9. Leadership as a bias for action, and the ability to get things done
10. Leadership development, styles, motivations and competencies

Module Assessment:
Individual Project (3500 words) (70%); Group Presentation (20 mins plus Q&A) (30%)

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