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Business Ethics

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Module Convenor:  Martin Schleper

Module Content:
This module examines ethical issues and dilemmas, covering a range of complex and controversial problems relating to business in a global economy. The main concepts and theories underpinning the business ethics field will be introduced, and students shall have the opportunity to apply these to business situations. More specifically, the course explores pertinent issues of human rights, globalisation and sustainable development, and places these within different philosophical and cultural perspectives. The course also explores the role of professionals from an ethical perspective, and situates these explorations within a political-economic framework.

Module Aims:
This module aims to provide students with knowledge of ethical issues involving business. In particular, it aims to provide students with knowledge regarding the existence of corporations in liberal democracies and ethical concerns surrounding multinational corporations and globalisation. Further to this, the module aims to develop the capacity of students to critically engage with issues of human rights, globalisation, and sustainable development, and the role that corporations play in politics. Ultimately, the aim of the module is to enable students to recognise and reflect upon complex ethical problems with a view to enhancing their analytical and decision-making skills.

Module Assessment:
Individual report (3000 words) (60%); Individual presentation during block module (15 mins incl Q&A) (40%)

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