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Behavioural Economics and Decision Making

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Module Convenor:  Thorsten Chmura

Module Content:
The module is split into two parts. The first part focuses upon the methods and models associated with behaviour. These sessions will introduce key concepts in bounded rational behaviour and apply these to specific economics models and financial markets.

The second part of the module concentrates on designing your own experiment and interpreting empirical results. You will analyse studies of bounded rational behaviour, labour markets, asset markets, experimental behavioural finance, social dilemmas, preferences, public goods, reciprocity, bargaining and contests.

The module will be interactive, you will undertake experiments and analyse results.

Module Aims:
In this module, the aim is to provide students with:

• An understanding of behaviour in an economic context;
• An understanding of behavioural methods;
• Knowledge of theoretical models of behavioural economics.
• Knowledge of applicable behavioural tools;
• the ability to interpret results;
• knowledge of how to design an experiment and collect data

Module Assessment:
2 hour Exam (75%); Group Presentation (Max 20 mins; 10 mins Q&A) (25%)

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