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Market Relationships: A Strategic Approach

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Module Convenor:  Linda D. Peters

Module Content:
Session 1: What is a Market? A service ecosystem approach to understanding markets

Session 2: Organisational buying behaviour and market structures

Session 3: How do markets work? Creating and shaping new markets and maintaining market dynamics.

Session 4: Market relations and sustainable competitive advantage

Session 5: Forming business networks: business network partnership attraction

Session 6: Business-to-Business marketing strategies

Session 7: Innovation in business networks

Session 8: Managing business networks: communication, coordination and learning in business networks

Session 9: Strategic Market Relations in the Digital World

Session 10: Branding and building loyalty: value co-creation in network partnerships

Module Aims:
The aim of this module is to provide an introduction to the main theoretical and managerial concepts and issues in the area of business-to-business marketing and strategic market relations. We explore the complex dynamics of networked relationships between buying and selling organisations. Such networks offer organisations the opportunity to learn and create value in novel and innovative ways. However, they also constrain the actions of individual organisations in the network. Thus, strategic market relations require firms to understand how to build, manage, and leverage their market relationships

Module Assessment:
2 Hour Examination (50%); Group Coursework (3,000 words) (50%)

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