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Risk and Society

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Module Convenor:  Jamie Wardman

Module Content:
The module will provide critical foundations in societal aspects of risk. Students will develop conceptual and practical understanding of risk problems in context, including the emergence and development of risk concepts, the character and diversity of risk governance and regulatory regimes, and varieties of public risk management and communication practices across different sectors and public and institutional settings. Students will gain knowledge of social science and public management theories, concepts, techniques, and different critical approaches to explaining and addressing societal risk issues. Indicative topics include: Social and cultural theories of risk; The Risk Society; Impact of risk politics on companies; Risk communication; The Social Amplification of Risk Framework; Risk regulation regimes and risk governance approaches; Risk and social resilience; Public relations, Corporate Social Responsibility and risk; Regulatory approaches to uncertainty and precaution; Emerging technologies and risk; Disaster preparedness and emergency management; Asymmetrical conflict and terrorism risk; Acceptable risk and the tolerability of risk; Transboundary and systemic risk; Science and technology knowledge controversies; Public inquiries into risk and disaster; Trends in the reform of risk management.

Module Aims:
Addressing the societal aspects of risk problems demands understanding the sociocultural contexts of risk, the political dynamics of risk regulation and governance, and the myriad factors shaping the success of different approaches to publicly communicating and managing risk across a variety of settings. Students will be able to critically analyse risk problems across wide variety of settings, evaluate the dynamics of varieties of risk governance and management options, and develop reflexive risk communication strategies.

Module Assessment:
Group Project Coursework (2,000 words) (50%); Individual Coursework (2,000 words) (50%)

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