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Innovation Management

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Module Convenor:  Hannah Noke

Module Content:
Introduction - What is Innovation Management?; Building an Innovation Organisation;
Innovation and Family Firms; External Guest Speaker; Sources of Innovation and
Networks; Innovation Strategy and Blue Ocean Strategy; Selecting the Right Idea;
Implementing Ideas; Capturing Learning; Group Presentations - Appraisal of Innovation
Management of an Innovative Firm; consider the challenges of managing innovative products, services, processes and business models that are to be delivered across different international contexts.

Module Aims:
To help students to understand the knowledge and skills required to manage
innovation by considerating a number of different perspectives; industrial
perspectives, innovation within an organisation, and finally innovation from a
managerial perspective.

Module Assessment:
Individual Report (4,000 words) (70%); Group Presentation (20 minutes & 10 minutes Q&A) (30%)

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