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Evaluating Sustainability

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Module Convenor:  Niamh O'Sullivan

Module Content:
This module provides an understanding of the processes and challenges of evaluating sustainability from an interdisciplinary accounting and management perspective. The 'evaluation' of sustainability is addressed through the critique of: 1) corporate management and reporting of their sustainability activities; and 2) the tools used in the measurement and assessment of these activities. This critique will be undertaken from a variety of stakeholder perspectives, and pay particular attention to (responsible) investor viewpoints. The critical analysis is driven by both a strong theoretical focus as well as the application of practice-oriented assessment tools that are used at organisational, institutional and socio-economic levels to evaluate corporate sustainability. The module employs case study illustrations; experimental learning through content analysis and classroom exercises; and interaction with guest speakers from practice; in order to provide in-depth insights into how to critically evaluate corporate sustainability.

Module Aims:
The main aim of this course is to acquaint students with the theory and practice of evaluating sustainability at an organisational, institutional and broader socio-economic level.
More specifically, the aim of the module is to provide students with:
• Cutting edge knowledge into the critical evaluation of corporate sustainability and accountability practices from a range of key stakeholder viewpoints;
• Insights into different theoretical perspectives on the evaluation of corporate sustainability management, reporting and performance at organisational, institutional and societal levels; and
• Practical knowledge, skills and application experience regarding relevant sustainability assessment tools; as well as the implications of these for managerial and investor decision-making processes.

Module Assessment:
Individual Case Study (3,500 words) (70%); Individual Essay Assignment (1,500 words) (30%)

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