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Strategic Marketing in the Digital Economy

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Module Convenor:  Anastasios Pagiaslis

Module Content:
Strategic options for the Digital Economy, Strategic usage of Social Media, Email, Search Engines and Mobile Platforms, Marketing Performance measurement in the Digital Economy, Market Orientation and concept, Marketing strategy and business performance, strategic marketing planning, understanding the market environment, market segmentation, targeting and positioning, product and market life-cycles, competitive advantage, the nature of competition, strategic choice and the evolution of markets, developing and analysing strategic options, implementing marketing strategies, strategic thinking and strategic market outlook, Marketing Simulation Game.

Module Aims:
To bring forth the necessary strategic considerations for marketing products and services in the Digital Economy of the 21st century.
To analyse the issues surrounding the development of competitive marketing strategies both online as well as offline.
To evaluate the importance and application of strategic marketing tools and techniques.
To examine the relative merits of marketing strategies in different marketing environments online/offline and globally.
To encourage the development of strategic thought and a strategic approach in marketing products / services in the global digital economy.
To encourage the approach of marketing in the digital economy of the 21st century stressing ethical, sustainable and value co-creation perspectives.
To successfully participate in a Marketing Simulation Game where knowledge will be tested in practice.
To galvanise the confidence and ability to engage responsibly and proactively

Module Assessment:
1.5 Hour Examination (40%); Group Project Written Report (3,000 words) (50%); Group Project Presentation (10 mins plus 10 mins Q&A) Powerpoint slides to be submitted. (10%)

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