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Service Operations Management

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Module Convenor:  Kulwant Pawar

Module Content:
The role of operations management in services; Comparative analysis of similarities and dissimilarities and manufacturing and service operations; Unique features of services; The development and delivery of a service package; Design of service operations; Strategies for balancing capacity and demand; Strategies for structuring and managing queues in services; Understanding and managing customer expectations & perceptions in services and their implications on quality of service provision; Tools and techniques for service quality management; Strategies for creating, developing and expanding services nationally and globally; The role of ICT in enhancing strategic and operational efficiencies of services; Service supply chain management. The ideas and concepts will be illustrated and delivered through examples and case studies.

Module Aims:
1. Illustrate the growing importance of services in today's economy and the role of operations management in improving strategic and operational efficiencies.
2. Provide an in-depth coverage of the issues involved in designing, planning and managing inter and intra-organisational service operations.
3. Design and delivery of service provision within a globalised context and the role of decision support tools and techniques

Module Assessment:
2 Hour Examination (70%); Group Coursework (3,000 words) (30%)

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