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Entrepreneurship Project

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Module Convenor:  Hannah Noke

Module Content:
The project is a problem based learning experience where the students work in self selected teams upon a company based challenge. The students are introduced to a company representative and then together they develop a problem statement that will be feasible for the students to address during the semester and also will deliver a tangible benefit to the company. Students are then responsible for managing subsequent meetings with the company, gathering primary and secondary data and keeping the company up to date with progress. Mentoring is provided to help with project management and the projects will require the application of theoretical constructs from the core modules from semester one to company challenges within an entrepreneurship context. The outcome of the project work should demonstrate an understanding of applying entrepreneurship theories in a practical context and also provide tangible and actionable recommendations to the company.

Module Aims:
To develop the experiences gained by the students from the core modules undertaken in the previous semester. To provide an opportunity for students to explore their problem-solving styles within the context of a real company challenge and allow them to experience the interactivity in this process.

Module Assessment:
Group Report (9,000 words) (70%); Group Presentation (15 mins & 10 mins Q&A) (30%)

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