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Chinese Bank Management

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Module Convenor:  Aristeidis Dadoukis

Module Content:
Overview of Chinese banking industry;
Reform of the Chinese banking sector;
Role of the Central Bank and the implementation of monetary policy;
Performance of the Chinese banking sector and its future challenges;
Measuring and evaluating the perfomance of banks;
Managing the investment portfolios and liquidity positions of banks;
Managing bank sources of funds;
Provision of loans to buisnesses and consumers.

Module Aims:
This is a compulsory module for MSc Chinese Banking and Financial Markets in the background that the Chinese banking sectors have evolved into world class business – four of top ten largest banks in the world are now in China, and more various banks - commercial or investment banks, within China and from outside China are entering the business to provide financial services to the most dynamic economy in the world.

Module Assessment:
Examination (50%); Coursework 2,500 word (50%)

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