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Quantitative Methods 1a

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Programme: Undergraduate

Module Code: N11124

Semester: Autumn

Convenor: Alison Sinclair

Credits & Level: 10 credits; Level 1

Pre-requisites: GCSE Mathematics Grade B or equivalent.

Co-requisites: None.

Target Students: Only yr 1 Bus Sch students with the pre-reqs. This is an intro to maths & stats for students without maths post school yr 11. Not for those with 'A' level Maths Gr C & above (or 'AS' level maths Gr A & above) or an equivalent qual eg Int Baccalaureate (5 & above in maths std or 4 & above in higher level) or senior high school maths in China.

Delivery: 1 two-hour lectures per week for 10 weeks and 8 one-hour workshops (one per week).

Assessment: One 1.5 hour examination (80%); Workshop Exercises (20%)

Exam Format:Answer all 8 compulsory questions with varying numbers of marks for each question.

Summary of Content Numbers
Descriptive Statistics

Aims The module introduces students to the mathematical prerequisites for the understanding of the quantitative components of economics and business.

Key Words: Algebra; Calculus; Descriptive Statistics.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes Knowledge and understanding
This module develops a knowledge and understanding of:
  • Relevant quantitative techniques, including mathematical and statistical methods. Economic data and its appreciation.
Intellectual skills
This module develops:
  • Effective quantitative problem-solving and decision-making skills.
Professional practical skills
This module develops:
  • Numeracy and quantitative skills to manipulate data, evaluate, estimate and model business problems, functions and phenomena
Transferable (key) skills
This module develops:
  • Self-management and a readiness to accept responsibility and flexibility, to be resilient, self-starting and appropriately assertive, to plan, organise and manage time

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