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Branding and Advertising

Please note that the following information may be subject to change.

Programme: Undergraduate

Module Code: N12413

Semester: Autumn

Convenor: Jillian Rickly

Credits & Level: 10 Credits, Level 2

Pre-requisites: None.

Co-requisites: N12412 (Marketing Management) and N12105 (Introduction to Marketing A).

Target Students: Any Part I or Part II students with the required co-requisite N12412 (Marketing Management) or N12105 (Introduction to Marketing A) or N12502 (Managing and Marketing Tourism)

Delivery: 11 ninety-minute lectures and 2 sixty-minute seminars

Assessment: One 1.5-hour examination (100%)

Exam Format:Answer THREE out of FIVE questions

Summary of Content In this module we will explore the nature of brands and the advertising techniques which create strong brands. The module will cover branding theory and communication theory. It will provide students with an understanding of managerial, psychological and sociological perspectives on branding and advertising.

Aims Upon completion of the module students will be able to:
• Explain the branding process.
• Articulate how and why consumers choose brands.
• Contextualise contemporary advertising practice.
• Describe how advertising is produced.
• Reflect on the social effects and ethics of branding and advertising.

Key Words: Branding; Advertising; Marketing Communications

Learning Objectives & Outcomes Knowledge and understanding
This module develops a knowledge and understanding of:
  • The need for individuals and organisations to manage responsibly and sustainably and behave ethically in relation to social, cultural, economic and environmental issues
  • The different approaches for segmentation, targeting, positioning, generating sales and the need for innovation in product and service design
Intellectual skills
This module develops:
  • Conceptual and critical thinking, analysis, synthesis and evaluation
Transferable (key) skills
This module develops:
  • Articulating and effectively explaining information

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