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PhD Projects

We have a number of research students in the school. You can view their profiles below. You can also view our PhD students' career destinations to see where our students have worked since completing their PhDs.

Current research students
NameProject title
Year one
Uzma Afzal Intra-household bargaining and efficiency in decision making and empowerment
Juergen Amann On Economic Growth and Public Debt: Cross-country Heterogeneity and Nonlinearities
Bjorn Brey Migration Policy in the US
Thomas Chen  
Yassine Essanaani  
William Gatt Macroprudential policies and the redistribution channel
Kyeongtae Lee  
Kristin Limbach  
Pedro Marques Correia Da Silva  
David Mmopelwa Essays in Botswana household health
Masedi Motswapong  
Juan Rosas  
Gian Luca Tedeschi Culture and history as determinants of contemporary economic outcomes
Francesca Vinci On the implications of intangible assets capitalization
Year two 
Derrick Abudu FDI, corruption and firm performance in Africa
Hayatullah Ahmadzai Transition of agriculture from subsistence to diversified agriculture in the context of small-scale farming in Afghanistan 
Diego Canales  
Canh Thien Dang NGO Funding and Performance: Monitoring and Regulation
Mohamed Diaby Monetary Policies and Sectoral Heterogeneities
Roel Dom Creating Fiscal Capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa: How Effective Have the Reforms Been
Apoorva Gupta R&D and growth during bad times
Priyanka Joshi Campaign Contribution and Micro-targeting
Sheila Kaminchia The Determinants of Trade Integration: An Assessment of the East African Community
Adrian Nieto Castro Television and its Impact on Educational Inequality
Bernardo Pincheira Sarmiento  
Douglas Scott Consumption smoothing and coping strategies
Jesal Sheth Experiments on Naivety and Unravelling
Sarimah Surianshah School factors and student attainment in Malaysia
Year three 
Basile Boulay  
Valeria Burdea Strategic information transmission
Geoffrey Chapman Trade agreements as determinant of trade costs
Ana Camila Cisneros Acevedo Labour Markets and International Trade
Kyung In Hwang Three Essays on International Trade and Retail Globalisation
Fatih Kansoy The impacts of US monetary policy on international markets
Orestis Kopsacheilis  
Martina Magli An Essay on Services Offshoring
Samer Matta The Economic Impact of Political Instability: Micro and Macro Estimates, with Application to the Arab Spring
Abrams Mbu Enow Tagem  
Zakari Mumuni Inflation Targeting in lower income countries
Lionel Joshua Roger  
Ruslan Shichman  
Ahmed Usman Behaviour of Capital Structure of Non-Financial firms in Developed and Emerging Economies and the Choice of Markets: An International Comparison
Gabriel Wasswa  
Yuzhu (Rhea) Zhang Export Participation and Firm Level Finance
Writing up
Despoina Alempaki  
Salamat Ali Trade costs in international trade
Nirodha Bandara Education, Sectoral Choice and the Rural-Urban Welfare Gap in Sri Lanka
Donneil Cain  
Jose Carrillo Essays on political accountability and selection
Andria Evripidou  
Hanna Fromell The impact of social preferences and sharing norms: evidence from lab and field experiments
Arno Hantzsche  
Rumman Khan  
Vasileios Kotsidis  
Tom Lane  
Xueheng Li Essays about socially embedded individuals
Georgia Michailidou  
Elchin Mustafayev  
Nur Adhi Purwanto  
Marta Ronchetti Three Essays on Credit Ratings
Karen Roopnarine  
Miriam Saldana Entrepreneurship, learning abroad or at home? Evidence from Mexican migrants
Rachel Slaymaker Essays on International Migration
Di Wang  
Charikleia Vavoura  
Till Weber Strong Reciprocity - Norms and preferences governing cooperation and punishment behaviour
Emily Whitehouse Robust Methods in Univariate Time Series Models
Zhixian Yu Bargaining and contribution games


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