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'Life on the Land' exhibition opens in Doncaster

The ‘Life on the Land’ exhibition uncovers the hidden stories of rural Doncaster, from landowners to labourers. Based on original research by curator Dr Sarah Holland the exhibition opens on 11 June until 18 September at Cusworth Hall Museum, Doncaster.

Items on display come from the unique collections of Doncaster Museums, Doncaster Archives and never-before-seen private collections. It includes rarely seen agricultural artefacts and iconic images that characterise Doncaster’s rural past. Displayed for the first time is a small but important private collection from a local farming family. Together the items offer new insights into ‘Life on the Land’.

Register here for a free public talk about the exhibition with Dr Sarah Holland on Monday 27 June.

Register here for a workshop with Dr Sarah Holland on Tuesday 28 June.

Posted on Thursday 9th June 2016

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