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Research seminars take place throughout the year – see below for details of recent series. Everyone is welcome, tea and coffee are provided free, and you may bring your lunch.

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Dean Blackburn
David Gehring
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Past seminar series

Spring semester 2017 
Research seminars, spring semester 2017
8 February 2017

Cartography and Cultural Revolution: Maps, Modernity and the New Soviet Man

Rediscovering the Region: The West German Press in the

Nick Baron

Christian Haase            

22 February 2017

Premodern Diplomatic Gift-Exchange: An Anglo-Muscovite Example, 1568-1604

Red Rubber in Sepia: Slavery, Memory and Representation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Tatyana Zhukova

Katie Donington

15 March 2017 Gifts and the Material Life of Embassies: The Franco-Siamese Exchange of the Late 17th Century

Giorgio Riello

29 March 2017

Visual Histories of the Japanese Occupation of China

Science, Medicine and the Spectator in Early Soviet Russia

Jeremy Taylor

Anna Toropova

5 April 2017

The Culture of Loyalty in Fifteenth-Century England

Jewish Women's Economic Activities in Barcelona at the time of the Black Death

Matthew Ward

Anna Rich-Abad
10 May 2017 Public History in the Curriculum and Beyond

Rebellion in Action: The Curatorial View

Sarah Holland

Richard Gaunt

Autumn semester 2016 
12 October 2016 ‘My dear lady, why not be a nurse?’: women doctors, medical professionalisation, and colonial ‘opportunity’ in c.19th/c.20th Britain

The queen was not there: riots, race and rights in the post-Rebellion British Caribbean

Hilary Ingram 

Sascha Auerbach

26 October 2016 Revolution and the irrational: British socialists and the Russian Revolution of 1917

‘The brava gente caught on tape’: listening in to captured Italian soldiers in Britain during the Second World War

Michael Carey

Alex Henry

2 November 2016 Women’s activism during the 1984–5 miners’ strike: memories and legacies Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite and Natalie Thomlinson  
16 November 2016 Imperial elephantology: undead capital and situated knowledge in colonial Burma c.1900–1940 Jonathan Saha
30 November 2016 Diplomacy and the politics of gift-exchange: diplomatic gifts of Elizabeth and James I to the Russian Tsars, 1566–1621

The experience of charitable aid in the British and Irish Civil Wars: the reception of Irish refugees in the English localities, c.1641– 1651
Tatyana Zhukova

Bethany Marsh
Spring semester 2016


3 February 2016

‘Apostolic economics: Property and poverty in the Middle Ages and  beyond’

‘Iconoclasm and the Paulicians’
Claire Taylor

Carl Dixon
17 February 2016 Title tbc

‘Monkey business: Japan and the Simian other’
Sarah Badcock

Sue Townsend
2 March 2016    ‘“This community which nobody can define”: Scholars grappling with the British Commonwealth, 1945–60’ Chris Prior, University of Southampton

16 March 2016

‘Growing up in the medieval village: Underaged heirs and orphans and their guardians’ Miriam Muller, University of Birmingham
27 April 2016 ‘The patriarchate of Antioch and Byzantium: Crusader relations c. 1170’

Title TBC
Tom Sayers

Rob Lambert
Autumn semester 2015


14 October 2015

‘Histories of sodomy in 17th-century England’

‘The long and winding road: The problem of the “wandering soldier” in 17th-century England’
Harry Cocks

David Appleby
28 October 2015 ‘Negotiating power and space in an Alpine region: The Carolingians in Valtellina’

‘“Saracens”: Bede and Canterbury’
Roberta Cimino

Emma Vosper
4 November 2015    ‘Winston Churchill and the golden age of journalism’ Professor Richard Toye, University of Exeter

18 November 2015

‘The politics of preferment: Ormond, Ussher and the appointment of Irish bishops, 1641–1647’ Dr Patrick Little, History of Parliament 
2 December 2015 ‘Writing the experiences of royalist defeat: The Earl of Westmorland in Interregnum England, c.1646–1660’

‘Patterns of Recruitment into Edward III’s Royal Affinity, 1327–1377’
Robbie Rudge

Matt Hefferan
Spring semester 2015


4 February 2015

Japanese Red Cross Mission to Britain in 1915–16

Gordon Daniels
11 February 2015

Belief, heresy and inequality in medieval Europe

Ian Forrest
18 February 2015    Indians, segregation and public health in colonial Kenya, 1890–1930

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)
and the Rhodesia problem, 1966–1979

Anna Greenwood

Jazliza Jamaluddin 

4 March 2015

Forging a “new” diplomacy: the International Peace Bureau and the
Hague conferences of 1899 and 1907

Learning more from the history of failure than success? Case studies
of British interventions in the Middle East since 1956

Dan Hucker

Louise Kettle
18 March 2015

Extraordinary rendition after the First World War? The case of Morgan
Philips Price

William Raffard, a converted Cathar perfect and his community

Colin Storer

Harry Barmby
6 May 2015

Taxes, burdens, and anxieties: a short history of taxes in Russia,
Europe, and North America, 1700–1914

Yanni Kotsonis
Autumn semester 2014


22 October 2014

Defining prostitution in late Tsarist Russia and the early Soviet Union

The early years of the Société Psychanalytique de Paris, 1926–1939

Siobhan Hearne

Richard Bates
29 October 2014

Competing identities: urban worker identity in Sormovo, 1917–1921

Reconstructing Europe: photography and the cultural history
of the post-war European city, 1945–1961

Laura Sumner

Tom Allbeson
5 November 2014          A state so oddly constituted? The parliamentary culture of
the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 1495–1795

Robert Frost

19 November 2014

Private lives and everyday life in Nazi Germany (postgraduate and
early career workshop)

More details 
26 November 2014

Religious diplomacy and political intelligence in Anglo-German relations under Elizabeth I

Empire and the racialisation of boredom

David Gehring

Onni Gust
3 December 2014

The Christ in Majesty image in the Codex Amiatinus

Relics on the road: the Delatio in medieval Europe, c. 900–1100

Peter Darby

Elizabeth Wiedenheft


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