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Visual Neuroscience

 Visual stimulus on computer screen
The Visual Neuroscience Group investigates the fundamental psychophysical, neural and computational principles of sensory processing. They investigate all aspects of visual processing, including motion processing, spatial vision, temporal vision, colour perception, binocular vision, ocular motor control, neural plasticity and normal and abnormal visual development. There is also a clinical focus on understanding and treating disorders of vision, such as amblyopia and macular degeneration. Two members hold prestigious research fellowships funded by the Wellcome Trust. Recently funded projects include mapping the topography of somatosensory cortex (BBSRC) and normal and abnormal mechanisms of plasticity in visual cortex (ERC).


Harriet Allen, Matias Ison, Alan Johnston, Tim Ledgeway, Paul McGraw, Jon Peirce, Neil Roach, Denis SchluppeckBen Webb   



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