Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre
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The SPMIC (Director Richard Bowtell) aims to bring together scientists and clinicians to develop and apply novel imaging technologies in mechanistic experimental medicine studies and also for translational clinical research. Members of the SPMIC are researchers who are active in the field of biomedical Imaging working at the University of Nottingham. Contact the Director if you would like to become a member of the SPMIC.


The SPMIC allocates its resources taking into consideration strategic priorities, scientific quality, support for new research directions and the need to cover costs. The management structure is designed to ensure that this is achieved in a fair and transparent manner.

If you have any concerns please contact the chair of the Science Committee, Ian MacDonald

The Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre (SPMIC) is built around a number of user groups:

Further details of the user groups can be found on the University of Nottingham Workspace.

Three schools participate in managing the SPMIC:

Science Committee meeting

  • Wednesday 10th Jan, 10.00 
  • Thursday 12th April 10.00
  • Tuesday 24th July 14.00

Executive Committee meetings

  • Friday 27th October
  • Thursday 23rd November
  • Tuesday 16th January
  • Wednesday 14th February
  • Wednesday 14th March
  • Wednesday 18th April
  • Wednesday 16th May
  • Wednesday 18th July
  • Wednesday 19th September

Membership of the Science Committee:

Ian MacDonald (Chair)

  • Richard Bowtell (Director of the SPMIC)*
  • Dorothee Auer (Medicine)*
  • Rob Dineen (Medicine)*
  • Sue Francis (Physics and Astronomy)*
  • Penny Gowland (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Paul Greenhaff (Life Sciences)
  • Steve Jackson (Psychology)
  • Ian Hall (Medicine)
  • Rob Kerslake (NUH)
  • Elizabeth Liddle (IMH)
  • Luca Marciani (NDDC)
  • Paul Morgan (NUH)
  • Peter Morris (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Alan Perkins (Medical Physics)
  • Andrew Peters (Centre Manager)*
  • Dennis Schluppeck (Psychology)*

*Also a member of the Executive Committee

The SPMIC management structure