Quality Manual

Policy for Approval of changes to Programme Specifications

Changes to programme specifications must be submitted to relevant School level scrutiny and approval prior to their submission.

All changes to programme specifications must be reported to the Student  Services  Development (Academic Processes) and any changes that fall within the categories stated below must be highlighted by the school.

Any planned changes fitting into the categories below should be reported to the relevant Learning Community Forum at the first opportunity and the student representatives given the chance to comment on the changes, preferably after consulting their colleagues:

  • Changes to the qualification title
  •  Significant changes* to Section C.2 of the programme specification
  • Changes to progression requirements which make progression more difficult
  • Changes to award or classification procedures which may make it more difficult for a student to receive an award or a higher class of award
  • A change as to which school administers the programme.
  • A change where the number of compulsory modules is being increased in a manner that reduces student module choice.

Where the student representatives on the Learning Community Forum object to the planned change, the school will need to seek approval for the proposal (if it still wishes to go ahead) from Quality & Standards Committee.

In the case of changes to undergraduate award or classification procedures (such as a change to degree class weightings), the changes should not apply to any existing Part I, II, or III students without their explicit written consent.

Approval on behalf of Quality & Standards Committee is required for the following changes to programme specifications:

  • changes which are contrary to the guidelines for programme specifications, the University's Qualifications Framework, or any other University policy or regulation
  • significant changes* to Section C.2 (ie the programme structure) of the programme specification
  • changes to Section C.2 which affect another school and where the other school has objected to the change (a school changing Section C.2 of any of its programmes has a responsibility to consult another school directly affected by that change)
  • changes to which the student representatives on the relevant Learning Community Forum are opposed (see above).

Students should be informed (either electronically, in writing, or via notice boards) of changes to programme specifications which have a direct effect on their studies, ie will be introduced while the student is registered on the programme and affect stages of the programme the student has yet to complete.  This also applies to students who have accepted an offer of a place on a programme (and who therefore have a contract with the University) to be informed of significant changes to programme specifications. 

* A significant change is one which requires a change to the learning outcomes of the programme. It is therefore the school’s responsibility when changing Section C.2 to ensure that no changes to the learning outcomes are required.  A series of minor changes may eventually accumulate to a change to the learning outcomes, at which point approval from on behalf of Quality & Standards Committee is required.


Revised 13th July 2017


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