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Release of Personal Information


Release of personal information

1. Policy

1. The University respects the right to privacy of its present and former students, and will take all reasonable steps to protect personal information given to it by students.

2. It is expected that anyone maintaining on computer any lists or other databases about individual students will comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

2. Confidentiality of private and personal information

1. University staff must treat as confidential all information of a private or personal nature about an individual which they may learn in the course of their duties, and must not communicate this to other persons or bodies, except as indicated below.

2. This restriction includes any information about any present or former student, including their permanent and local addresses and telephone number, which they themselves have provided to the University for a particular purpose eg registration for their course.

3. Acceptable reasons for disclosure

1. This rule of confidentiality does not apply if disclosure is required by law, or for the purpose of University business, or with the consent of the individual concerned. 

4. Information which may be released

1. Information about the qualifications which have been awarded to individual students (ie name and subject of award, class of degree if appropriate, and date of award) is not confidential, and may be released.

2. The University has a verification process to confirm degree information about former and current students. In the case of current students evidence of the student’s consent will always be sought prior to disclosure. Information about this process, including what information may be disclosed and how to opt out of this process, can be found at http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/studentservices/officialdocuments/hedd-date-collection-notice.aspx.

3. In exceptional or urgent cases, the caller should be put through to the Director of Student Services Development,  Student Services Development (Academic Processes)..

5. Dealing with enquiries

1. Even where disclosure of information is permitted, reasonable steps must be taken to determine the authenticity of the enquiry before any information is disclosed.

2. Except as indicated below, any enquiry from an outside person or body (and this includes enquiries from present or former students, and persons who are or claim to be family members) should be answered with an offer to forward a letter to the person concerned, if in fact they are a present or former student. If the enquiry involves the location of numbers of individuals, it is permissible to tell the enquirer that a reasonable charge will be made to cover administrative costs.

6. Giving information to the police 

1. While the University would appear to be within its legal rights to refuse to disclose information to the police unless the person concerned is suspected of committing an arrestable offence, the University's policy is to offer every reasonable assistance to the police in their enquiries.

2. Steps should be taken to establish the authenticity of a police request by, for example, asking the caller to leave name, rank, and station telephone number, and then phoning back and asking for the officer in question.

7. In case of doubt

1. In case of doubt about how to deal with a particular enquiry it should be passed to the Information Compliance Team or, in the case of former students, the Alumni Relations Office.


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