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Guidance on Non-Registered Statuses

There are a number of policies and processes within the University that might result in a student not being registered with the University although a relationship with the University exists and they are expected at some time to continue/complete their programme.  Where relevant the student is expected to formally re-register when the circumstances below no longer apply.  In order to re-register a student must have a satisfactory academic status, have settled any debts owed to the University and have an appropriate immigration status. 

Information about fees and financial support is available from Financial Support in Student Services and Student Financial Services.

A. Suspension of Registered Status

In the following circumstances a student will not be registered and will be subject to the conditions defined below. 

1. General

Students whose registration status is suspended for any of the reasons below are not entitled to attend any teaching or take any assessments and will not pay tuition fees whilst not registered.  Depending on the length of suspension they might not have access to library or IT services.  They are subject to relevant regulations of the University, such as Traffic Regulations, the Regulations for Library and Computer Use and the University’s Code of Discipline for Students. 

• If the student has opted for a Voluntary Interruption of Study

• If the student has suspended their study as part of a transfer of course process

• If the student is suspended under the University’s Attendance and Engagement Regulations

• If the University has required the student to suspend as part of a Fitness to Practise procedure

• If the student is suspended on grounds of Health and Safety 

• If the student is suspended under the Code of Discipline for Students

• If the student is suspended under the Academic Misconduct procedure.

• Students who are ‘false starters’ – ie they started a programme one year but within two weeks requested a deferral of entry to the next session

• Students who are in breach of any legal requirements such as immigration requirements such that they are not able to engage appropriately with the University.

UK specific conditions:  In the UK students are not eligible for Council Tax relief nor for student support funding.  Students who are in the UK on a Tier 4 visa will be required to leave the UK whilst their registration status is suspended. 

2. Students taking External Assessments

Students who are not registered for the following reason will be subject to the same conditions as those in paragraph 1 except that they are permitted to take assessments for which they have been entered (for which a fee may be payable depending on individual circumstances). 

• If the student is taking assessments or reassessments as an external candidate under the University’s study regulations

UK specific conditions:  Students on Tier 4 visas should seek advice from the International Office about their legal status in the UK. 

3. Debtors to the University

Students whose registration status is suspended for the following reason will be subject to the same conditions as those in paragraph 1 except that in addition they will not have access to any IT, library or door access facilities.

• If the University has required the student to suspend under the University’s Fees Regulations because of a debt owed to the University.

4. Students who are Engaged in Study

The following types of student are also not registered with the University although they remain engaged in their study with the University:

• Students who have an extension to a submission date that takes them past their normal expected end date of study

• Students on a joint award who are registered at the partner institution only

• Research students who are in their thesis pending period who have chosen not to register with the University

• Research students who have submitted their thesis and are still undergoing the examination process.

Such students have access to all usual University facilities and all regulations apply.

B. Completion of Studies

When a student completes their studies they cease to be a registered student although until their award is conferred (if applicable) will continue to have relevant engagement as a student of the University.

For the majority of students with standard start dates and standard periods of study, the following will be the usual times that students are deemed to have completed their studies:

Undergraduate Students: The last day of the final term of their period of study

Postgraduate Taught Students: The last day of September

Postgraduate Research Students: The day that the thesis uploaded to the University's etheses service has been approved by the Internal Examiner or, in cases where there are two external examiners, the lead External Examiner.

For different start dates or programmes of non-standard lengths the completion of studies date will be extrapolated from the above standard dates.

Where a student’s programme is terminated the date of completion of studies will be the date on which the recommendation is processed.

Where a student withdraws the last date of attendance will be the date on which they cease to become a student. 




Voluntary Interruption of Study

Transfer of Course

Attendance and Engagement Regulations

Fitness to Practise

Procedures for requiring a student to withdraw temporarily or permanently from the University on the Grounds of Health and Safety

Code of Discipline for Students

Academic Misconduct

University Study Regulations

University Fee Regulations


 Amended 14 September 2015





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