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Guidance on Student Employment During Studies

It is expected that during periods when they should be engaging with their programme the prime focus of students is on their studies.  Whilst the University realises that students may find it necessary to work in order to support themselves through their studies, they should not arrange any employment or other activity that will cause them to be unable to attend and engage with required activities or undertake required private study.  Students considering part-time employment are advised to discuss their position with their tutor.

Notwithstanding this the University recognises the value of practical experience as part of the overall University experience and understands that students may wish to take up opportunities that will enhance their future employability. When considering any employment opportunities students should bear in mind the possible impact on their studies and only accept employment that is manageable alongside their student workload.

The University has a range of financial support packages that students may be eligible to access – see the Financial Support web pages for further information.

The requirements of employment or other activities are not considered to be an acceptable extenuating circumstance.  It should be noted that examinations may take place on Saturdays during the published examination periods and that the reassessment examinations, for those who are required to take them, are normally held during August.

International students on Tier 4 visas are not normally allowed to work for more than 20 hours per week during term-times or required periods of engagement and if they were to do so would be in breach of the immigration regulations and potentially subject to cancellation of their visa.  Advice for international students is available from the International Office.

For regulations on student employment in China students should contact the UNNC International Office.


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Published 2 September 2013

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