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Doctor of Engineering (EngD) Regulations


Regulations for the Doctor of Engineering (EngD)

The regulations for the EngD are those which govern the PhD except where the following modify or supplement them.

Admission Requirements

1. A candidate for the Doctor of Engineering must be a graduate of this or any other approved university holding a Bachelor's degree (normally first or second class Honours or equivalent) in an engineering or related subject.

2. In keeping with the wording used by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council a candidate who is accepted onto the EngD programme shall be designated by this University as a Research Engineer.

Course of Study

3. A candidate for the degree of EngD must have pursued at this University a full or part-time course of study comprising a taught component and a portfolio of integrated research projects with a common theme carried out in industry and supervised by academic staff of this University. Completion of the EngD programme requires a minimum of two and a maximum of four years of full-time supervised study, and a minimum of four and a maximum of eight years of part-time supervised study.

Taught Component

4. The taught component will be taken at this University and at any other Universities which are members of the relevant research council or doctoral training centre/programme. The taught component requires the successful completion of up to 180 credits of modules as specified in the Centre's regulations, normally during the first two years of the course.

5. The University's Regulations for Taught Master's Degrees, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate courses shall apply with regard to satisfactory progression on the taught element of the degree.


6. Each Research Engineer will have at least two academic supervisors and one industrial supervisor.

7. The University's policies with regard to supervision and annual review of progress shall apply, together with any further requirements specified by the centre/programme.

Thesis-Pending Period

8. Submission must be made within 4 years from initial registration and accordingly the majority of candidates shall not be entitled to a thesis pending period after completing four years of registered study.

Submission of Portfolio Thesis

9. The candidate shall submit a portfolio thesis for examination in accordance with the requirements of the research centre/programme.


10. Candidates shall be examined by one Internal Examiner, one External academic Examiner and normally one External Examiner who is an industrialist.

Outcomes of Examination

11. The degree of EngD will be conferred on candidates who have successfully completed the taught component of the programme and have satisfied the Examiners as to the standard of the portfolio thesis.

12. Candidates who either do not undertake or fail the research portfolio but successfully complete part or the whole of the taught programme may be considered for the following awards: Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits), Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits) or MSc (180 credits) depending on the specifications of the individual programme. 


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