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Students with disabilities

Disabled Students: Guidelines for Schools

Outlined below is guidance for schools to take into account in order to meet the requirements of disabled students, as legislated for under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA/SENDA) and the Equality Act 2010. It applies to international or EU students as well as to UK students, and to those who are only taking part of a course.

1. Disability Liaison Officer (DLO)

Each school is expected to have a DLO (see role description and other information in Workspace (requires additional login). The DLO will be the point of reference, advice and guidance for members of staff and students in the school about disability issues and support. The DLO should be a member of relevant school committees, such as a Learning and Teaching Committee, Staff Development Committee or equivalent.

Schools should have mechanisms (such as a Disability Action Plan or DAP) to:

  • ensure school staff have a general level of awareness of the DDA and responsibilities within the school
  • respond to disabled students and alert Academic or Disability Support if reasonable adjustments and funding are required
  • receive information, most commonly as an Academic Referral Form (ARF) or Disability Referral Form (DRF) to enable the Head of School (or a delegate), to implement a plan following the recommendations of the ARF/DRF, and finally monitor and review the situation at regular intervals.
  • ensure school learning, teaching and assessment policies are inclusive of disabled students.
  • publicise support available both within the school and via central services such as Academic and Disability Support.
  • ensure all material produced by the school can be easily transcribed into alternate formats on request.
  • ensure school facilities and equipment meet DDA requirements.

The Disability Support website provides guidance for Schools in Workspace (requires additional login).

2. Further information

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