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The Aerospace Technology Centre hosts the University's “Aircraft Electric Power Systems (EPS) Innovations Laboratory”. This newly built lab is an independent UK National facility for experimental investigations into novel concepts in architectures, energy management and controls of variety of AC, DC and hybrid EPS for future More- and All-Electric Aircraft, as well as for validation and testing of different aircraft equipment in realistic aircraft electrical environment to recognised power quality standards. 

The facility is built up to internationally leading standards and in its current state has already received commendation from leading European airframers such as Airbus and Dassault Aviation, as well as UK based suppliers such as Labinal Power Systems, Ultra Electronics, APPH, Triumph and Meggitt. The facility has already been a key feature in the University's proposals to attract significant research funding through EU Clean Sky 2 program and to achieve Clean Sky 2 co-partner status.

The developed laboratory will help the University to maintain an internationally recognised highest level of research in the field. The facility is the only one of its kind in the UK of this standard that is accessible to a range of stakeholders. It is a nationwide facility, open for other parties, helping to support UK leadership and industry in aerospace sector, not just in technology but also in recruitment and training.

Technical Specifications 

In its current configuration the facility combines different equipment including test and emulation rigs for investigation of future starter/generation systems (up to 150kW/35,000rpm). It has flexible dc power distribution architecture replicating realistic aircraft geometry with remote dc buses, battery emulators, and bi-directional active front-end power supplies (200kW/600A) capable to replicate behaviour of different on-board energy sources and loads. Variable frequency ac supplies (360-900Hz, 180kVA) are also available.

There are also 12 feeders distributed among the buses for integration of different equipment under study in order to test the equipment itself and to investigate its interaction within the entire EPS. At the moment the total installed power capability exceeds 0.7MW. The University's plans include development and integration into the lab of an Aircraft Engine Emulator, Energy Storage Devices, Active Filters and other novel developments.

For more information about the Aircraft EPS Innovations Laboratory please contact Dr. Serhiy Bozhko

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